Standard Package

One podcast episode per week, 15 to 65 minutes raw audio length

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Project Description

The Standard Package Is Perfect For Starting Your Podcast

our most popular package for entrepreneurs getting their podcast off the ground
  • Adding your intro, outro and advertisements
  • Removal of “umms, yaknows, likes, sortas” and stumbles if desired
  • Clarification edits to help you or your guests sound more polished
  • Noise reduction – Removing or reducing background noise such as HVAC noise, wind noise, hiss and hum.
  • Mouth Noises – Reduction of mouth clicks, lip smacks, and other annoying noises created by your mouth.
  • Balancing and Dynamic Processing – Improves the volume levels and ranges of the tracks and the overall loudness
  • EQ – Improving the general frequency response of your microphones to make the sound more pleasing to the ear
  • Mastering – Correcting any final sonic issues and preparing the file to sound great on any audio device
  • Encoding – Creating a final mp3 and adding ID3 tags (including artwork, title, author, and show notes provided by client)
  • Publishing – Publish your show to your hosting service, your website, or Dropbox

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