Podcast Editing Services

You might be a consultant or a coach or a business owner or an expert in rocket propulsion. But we're guessing that you aren't an expert in podcast editing or audio editing and that is why you are here.

When Emerald City Productions started our podcast production services, the first thing that podcasters asked us about was our podcast editing service. And if you found another podcast production company, you see that they all likely offer audio editing services.

Complete audio engineering and professional podcast editing services

Podcast episode editing is the most time consuming step in creating your podcast and that is why many podcasters outsource it. It requires a lot of time and if you aren’t an expert it can take a few hours for you to edit your own 30-minute podcast episode.

Emerald City Productions provides complete audio engineering and professional podcast editing services done by professionally trained audio engineers who have spent much of their careers editing music and podcast episodes. Our production process and editing services include detailed editing in real-time, filler words removal, fixing and removing mistakes, noise reduction, and removal of annoying and distracting mouth noises. Besides that, our production services include clarifying editing services that will help with the pacing and energy of your episodes. You send your raw audio files and we will turn them into a focused and entertaining episode.

More about Podcast Editing Services

What is involved in podcast editing?

Podcast editing is the first step in post production (ie after the recording). Our post production services include professional podcast editing services. Your audio editing engineer will take your raw recording and any notes you've included and listen to your episode at 1x, 2, or 3x. They will remove 85% of filler words (umm, errr, uhhh, like, ya know), fix any mistakes, and make any changes you point out in notes or during the recording. During the post production process, they will also use professional-grade audio plugins to remove background noise, excess room reverb, and mouth noises from your recording so that it is a pleasant experience for your listener. Many podcast production companies do not take this crucial step to think about your listener. Great sound quality is our goal with all of our clients.

How much does it cost to edit a podcast?

Professional audio editing provided by a podcast production company can vary greatly in cost from $$ - $$$ per episode or per hour. We only hire professional audio engineers for our team. Our prices are therefore at the higher end of that range.

Should we pay someone to edit my podcast or do it ourselves?

Podcast editing can be learned and you may want to do it yourself. It is not typically recommended. For one, it is very beneficial to have outside ears listen to your content. Additionally, while it might take you 2 - 3 hours to edit your 30-minute episode, our professional audio editors can edit a 30-minute episode in 30 -45 minutes. The time savings week in and week out will be worth it to you as you create your content. And if sound quality is your concern, then it is very beneficial to have a professional edit your podcast episodes.

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Where should I edit my podcast?

You should always edit your podcast first after recording prior to mixing or mastering. You will use a digital audio workstation editing software or app to do the work. Most listeners prefer to have noise, mistakes, and filler words removed.

How hard is it to edit a podcast?

Over the years, I have taught tens of thousands of podcasters to start a podcast in my LinkedIn courses or in my membership site. During that time, the vast majority of participants have told me that editing their podcasts became too complicated and time consuming for them and they eventually outsourced it to podcast production companies.

How many hours does it take to edit a podcast?

Most amateur editors or hosts take 2x to 3x the duration of their raw recording to edit it down into a finished episode. For example, a 30-minute episode will likely take the host 90 minutes or so to edit.

Can you edit a podcast after publishing?

You can, but once an episode is published, any audience member who subscribes to your podcast will likely have downloaded the original file. If you replace the episode file and republish it, they will not receive the new file automatically. It is very important to make sure your episode is ready to go and edited correctly before publishing.