Podcast Recording Services

You want to feel comfortable the first time you record your podcast. That's why we will travel to you and bring equipment to help you record your first few episodes.

If you aren’t comfortable learning how to use the equipment on your own, never fear, we will demonstrate and teach you how to use every piece of recording equipment. Our podcast recording services will help you get started.

A portable or permanent podcast recording studio consists of microphones, headphones, stands, and potentially audio interfaces or mixers as well as some way to record. Our sound engineer will set up this podcast recording studio and help you record a podcast live. We will show you how to get the best sound quality and coach you through your podcast content as you record.

Your audience will appreciate the time and care you put into your podcast recording studio because the sound will be high quality. And while most podcasts do not include video, we will help you set up a video recording studio if you are interested. We recommend broadcasting your podcast recording live and then repurposing the video recording and audio in many different ways including a podcast, YouTube channel, social media, and more.

More About Podcast Recording Services

How do professionals record podcasts?

While podcasts used to require well over $1000 worth of equipment. Most professional-sounding podcasts can be recorded these days at home using less than $200 worth of equipment in the right environment.

Do podcasts recorded in a studio sound better?

Yes. A podcast recorded in a controlled studio environment can sound slightly better. But that all depends upon the recording studio and the sound engineer. I could share many recordings of the podcasts we produce and I know it would be hard for you to tell if they were recorded in a studio or at home.

Does it help to have a sound engineer help with podcast recording?

For most people, once you learn the basics of getting a good audio level and a clean recording, you really do not need to have a sound engineer help you record. It is best to save your money and use it for post production services such as editing services, mixing, mastering, and more.

How much does it cost to record a podcast?

Generally speaking, you can record a podcast for the cost of the equipment and your time. You really do not need to hire a recording studio or engineer to record most podcasts. When we help clients launch podcasts, we spend ample time showing them how to record and get high quality sound.

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What is the best platform to record podcasts?

We currently recommend using a digital audio workstation (DAW) called Descript.

What equipment do I need to record a podcast?

Most podcasters will need a microphone (Audio Technica ATR 2100x), microphone stand, headphones/earbuds, and some way to record. Most people use a DAW like Descript or a portable recorder. You can find my recommendations at https://dannyozment.com/resources

Can I record a podcast myself and have a professional edit and mix it?

Yes. That is what we recommend. We will show you how to record and then take your great raw recording, edit, mix, and master it as your podcast production team.