Podcast Post-Production Services

You are probably an expert in something but it probably isn’t podcast post production. That’s probably why you are here. We provide high quality post production services for our clients. It starts with the podcast editing process where we clarify and focus your content. Then we use professional software such as Pro Tools for mixing and mastering to provide the best sounding episodes you can deliver. We don’t want audio production to become a chore that sours podcasting for you.

More About Podcast Post-Production Services

So you want to know what we do exactly? Take a moment to review the sections below.

Podcast Editing: Because Compelling Content Matters

During basic podcast editing, our editors will quickly perform a detailed audio editing pass on your audio file removing filler words, obvious mistakes, awkward moments, and any sound issues that would ruin the audio quality. If you didn’t record room tone, never fear, the editor will also remove background noises and other annoying things like mouth noises. For example, if your guest didn’t have a pop filter, we can remove background noise like mic pops.

Finally, they will assemble the audio files, audio elements, pieces, parts, and segments, and add music and sound effects together into a basic podcast episode that is ready for mixing. For non-editors, basic editing is the most time consuming part of the post-production process and we want to take this off your plate.

Podcast Mixing: Because Sound Quality Matters

Our audio engineers are all trained mixing engineers. Audio production is their expertise and they love mixing your podcast. They will take your assembled episode and balance all volume levels using fades, EQ (equalization), hi pass filters, de-essers, and applying compression to make sure that all parts of your episode and all dialogue can be heard by your listeners as they should.

We take care of everything for you with our podcast production services

More about Podcast Post-Production Services

We don’t stop there. Did you know that there is a broadcast standard level of loudness for podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify? We do, and in our mastering process, we take the time to not only make sure your episodes can be heard in competitive noise environments like your car or a noisy gym, but also that they match the loudness level of most podcasts.

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