Podcast Pre-Production Services

Before you start a podcast or even consider podcast production or podcast production services, you need first to determine why someone would want to listen to it. What is your brand and how does it relate to your podcast brand?

We start the pre-production process with you by trying to figure out what your podcast’s genuine aim is, what you expect to accomplish with it, and how we can make it valuable for both you and your listeners.

We start by assisting you in determining why you want to podcast and what you are enthusiastic enough to talk about every week on your podcast. We spend time researching and gathering data from your stakeholders once we understand why you want to podcast and what high-value information you can provide to an audience.

We’ll utilize the information we gather at the beginning of pre-production to establish your podcast’s goals, write the podcast description, come up with a distinctive show title, and start thinking about your show’s format, length, and frequency. This is a crucial aspect of launching a podcast, and we cover it in our podcast launch package.

As the pre-production process moves forward, we’ll help you come up with episode ideas and conversation topics, as well as provide scripts. We’ll go over your existing content (website, blog, articles, videos) or content you create and give you recommendations on how to organize it. Podcast production relies heavily on the preparation and research done in the pre-production process. That is why we include it as part of our launch podcast production services.

More About Podcast Pre-Production Services

So you want to know what we do exactly? Take a moment to review the sections below.

Episode Content Planning

Planning a weekly podcast can be daunting and time-consuming so we want to set you up for success with each podcast episode that you create. Your podcast content strategy is key to your podcasting success.

We’ll assist you with developing episode ideas and discussion topics, as well as providing scripts. We’ll go over your existing content (website, blog, articles, videos), as well as any content you develop, and make recommendations on how to organize it.

If you want a successful podcast that will bring stability to your business and create loyal customers who trust you before they buy and then can’t wait to tell the world about you, then your episode content has to…

That is why everything your listener hears, sees, touches, and feels in relationship to your episode needs to be relevant to the problem you are trying to solve with your business.

We will provide you with 20 episode and segment templates that will allow you to insert and focus content that will be relevant to any type of business.

We’ll also try to point out the core benefits that the episode type provides so that you can strategically plan your schedule.

And we’ll provide online training with you for all of these steps.

Segment Planning

You are probably a fan of podcasts already and listen to them on Apple Podcasts. If so, you are probably aware that the most popular podcasts on Apple Podcasts have clear segments that flow logically and fit the theme of the podcast.

Besides providing you segment ideas such as the news, expert interviews, lessons learned, book, event, or product reviews, lists, how-to, and many more, we’ll also take time to understand your audience and suggest whether most of your segments should be solo, with a co-host, or interviews and also tell you how many episodes to do before starting these types of segments.

This type of planning will also help with the promotion of your episodes. You’ll more easily be able to draw content for social media platforms, your website, video channels, and other places that your listeners may hang out.

Host Prep

You will receive online training and coaching from us on how to prepare for your first episode and many after that during the pre-production process. You’ll learn how to research your guests and create potential questions, find the right location to record and ensure a quality recording, as well as how to warm up your voice and your guests if you have them. Much of what you collect in this process will be information that makes it into your first episode, subsequent episodes, and the show notes for them. All elements of good podcast production.

Guests and Booking Coordination

You will likely have guests on your podcast episode and may want to be a guest on other podcasts. We will provide you with coaching and pitch email templates for pitching guests and other podcasters, show you how to get guest booking help from podcast PR agencies, give you a list of podcaster communities you can join to network with other guests and podcasters, and also provide you with a template to create a press kit for your podcast. This step more than many others will help you continue podcasting for the long haul.

Helping Guests Prep

You have some guests booked. Now what? We’ve got you covered. We will provide you with guidance and a checklist that takes you from the time you book the guest (how to use a scheduling app), to planning the interview questions, to preparing the guest to record high-quality sound on their side of the podcast production, to warming them up before the interview, and finally the follow-up and promotion that happens with them after it’s all done. They don’t have to have the best equipment but we will make sure you know what to tell them to prep them.

More About Podcast Pre-Production

What is a podcast segment?

A podcast segment is one section of your podcast episode. It generally focuses on one theme or serves one purpose (like an interview). It is separated from other parts of the episode like the intro, outro, or teaser by music or transitions.

What makes a good podcast host?

Anyone can be a good podcast host as long as they want to deliver value to their audience and are passionate about the topic they want to cover in their episodes. Being a good host has nothing to do with having a great voice. It is more about being about to deliver your content in an authentic and energetic way. If you love something, most likely you’d be able to create a great podcast about it.

What makes a good podcast guest?

A good podcast guest is someone who is an expert or authority on some topic and can answer questions in a direct and inciteful manner. A good guest is also someone who cares about quality and has great podcast recording equipment, minimizes distractions and background noise, and doesn’t use a ton of crutch phrases when they speak. Umm, errr, uhhh, like, ya know?

How does planning help a podcast interview go more smoothly?

Doing your research and coming up with an interview plan that follows a journey in a logical way will give your audience a much higher quality podcast to listen to. Your listeners will appreciate the effort to look out for them as you deliver the interview and take them with you.

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