How to Start A Podcast


A step-by-step detailed guide to creating your own podcast.



7 Videos (48 minutes)

A step-by-step detailed guide covering planning, gear, room, set-up, techniques, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, promotion, distribution, measurement, and more.


  1. Jenny Carden

    “Hi Danny! Just got done with your course. It was fantastic. Short and Complete! I loved how it was well organized, and thorough and concise about the process of creating a publishing an entire podcast from start to finish. From major broad concepts which will affect the success of your podcast all the way down to recommending the least expensive and most powerful starter hardware and software. Loved the details on the settings for audio recordings, and also where to list your show. I definitely felt like I was being taken care of by an expert. Thanks for sharing your insights. It was a lot of information crammed into 45 minute class! Well worth the money! – Jenny “Zenka” Carden,

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