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About Our Business

At Emerald City Productions, we help you publish engaging content that builds your brand through podcasting. With our expert post-production and editing services, you can deliver your message much more clearly to a wider audience.

Your podcast will expand your brand. Podcasts help people hear stories from people they would never have met. When you get your message across through podcasts, you help your audience walk a mile in your shoes. You get to open people’s eyes and mind to your mission in a way that helps you both.

Sharing stories helps people. When you share your story through podcasts, you help your audience expand their worldview. Our job is to make sure your story reaches the right people in the clearest, most effective way possible.

Our Values

We believe that podcasts are changing the world for good. We believe that all humans are valuable and deserve to be treated with equality and respect and we operate with these progressive values in the forefront. We are an LGBTQIA+ affirming, interfaith-oriented, diverse organization. We are committed to social and environmental justice, including civil rights, dismantling systems of oppression (such as the patriarchy and white supremacy). We believe Black Lives Matter.  Our values:

  • Equality
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Respect 

Our Story

Since 2009, our goal at Emerald City Productions has been to amplify your voice and help you build trust with your audience. We want your audience to hear and understand your message so clearly that they can’t wait to tell the world about you.

We provide complete turn-key, done-for-you services for your podcast. You focus on your message; we help you get heard. With professional editing services, a dedicated team, and a shared goal of getting your message out there, we guarantee you will gain the highest levels of audience impact and customer experience on any given occasion.

Our Team

Our people are the foundation of our success and the key to our future. Since the beginning of Emerald City Productions, our greatest strength has been the ability to share skills and creativity with the clients.

Your podcast is unique to you and so must be its building strategy. Each member of my team is a specialist in his or her field. Our passion and devotion set us apart.

Together, we help get your story heard.

Danny Ozment



Michael Brown

Director of Operations


Nathan Carper

Business Development Manager


Ellie Anthony

Operations Manager


Mandy Parkinson

Account Manager

Jen Cook

Copy Writer/Copy Editor

Grace Ventura

Copy Writer/Copy Editor

Kate Balbin

Copy Writer

Jessica Phelps

Copy Writer

Will Berendsen


Chase Bencin


Zach Toom


Cory Hecht

Cory Hecht



Fernanda Tello



David Fowler


What other show hosts are saying...

Mike Kim

Brand Strategist

“I had the pleasure of working with Danny on a really big client project. A complete pro, bona fide expert, and helped us attain record-setting numbers.”


Cindy Wang Brandt

Parenting Forward

“It’s such a relief to be able to focus on content creation knowing that I can give Danny my notes and will have a professionally produced show on the other side.”

Roddy Galbraith

John Maxwell Team

“I can’t say enough about how Danny has helped our community and our members through such expert insights and advice. Highly recommended!”

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