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“Danny helped us create what turned out to be one of our most successful professional development and coaching programs to date… a complete professional and true expert!”

Paul Martinelli

Empowered Living

“I can’t say enough about how Danny has helped our community and our members through such expert insights and advice. Highly recommended!”

Roddy Galbraith

Empowered Living

“I had the pleasure of working with Danny on a really big client project. A complete pro, bona fide expert, and helped us attain record-setting numbers.”

Mike Kim

Brand Strategist, Host of The Top-Ranked Brand You Podcast

“I’m an author of Parenting Forward. I would have only started a podcast with a producer, having no interest in exploring the technical side of podcasting. I love how responsive Danny is via email, and a couple of times I’ve needed a quick turnaround on podcast episodes, he came through. Everyone listens to my show remarks on how professional the sound quality is. It’s such a relief to be able to focus on content creation knowing that I can give Danny my notes and will have a professionally produced show on the other side. Podcasting – hassle-free!”

Cindy Wang Brandt

Parenting Forward

“I’m the founder of LawFirmAutopilot.com a website that helps lawyers use technology in sensible, strategic ways that make their practices more profitable and easier to manage. I had been attempting to get my podcast off the ground for about a year, but just couldn’t get my act together enough to feel confident about launching it. I needed help to ensure the sound quality was good in each episode. The thought of doing the editing was daunting and I was more anxious than excited. When I met Danny I realized there was an easy and effective way to address my anxiety. I was semi-worried about having to spend money on getting help producing the podcast. But now I realize that getting help was the best thing I did. Frankly, I probably wouldn’t have launched my podcast yet if it weren’t for Danny. And I definitely wouldn’t have been so consistent in putting out new episodes. Meeting Danny in person was pivotal because I saw how knowledgeable he was and how passionate he felt about helping people like me get started and then making sure we succeed and keep going. Danny is a rock. He helps me stay on track and unobtrusively fixes my recordings to make me sound like a pro. In the months since I’ve launched, I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my show. It’s strange how quickly I attracted a loyal audience. So now I’m so happy that I was able to get my show off the ground. I can’t thank Danny enough. And I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who is thinking of starting a podcast. A couple of lawyers have taken my recommendation and are also thrilled to be working with Danny with their podcasts. The best thing you can do to create a successful podcast is getting good help. And Danny’s the absolute best person I know to help folks like you and me.”

Ernie Svenson

Law Firm Autopilot

“I am the president of The Real Estate Effect, an investment company that acquires and operate multifamily properties in Quebec, Canada wanted help in setting up a professional-sounding podcast to establish our brands is not easy to find someone who is both a professional producer and understand the marketing aspect. Danny’s well organized, easy to work with, and clear about what we had to prepare. As a result of our collaboration, we set up the podcast and got very positive feedback from listeners. I highly recommend working with Danny to set up and optimize a podcast and grow an audience and market your business.”

Axel Monsaingeon

The Very Real Estate Effect

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by a whole new audience!

“I am the owner of a small law firm that helps busy people get paid after car accidents. I wanted to connect with my neighbors by sharing interesting stories about the people and places in our town. We were worried that an outside producer would take too long or miss deadlines. But Danny was awesome and he always gets great episodes done on time. Danny is the best. The sound quality he achieved is outstanding. He is easy to work with because he’s a great communicator. He really cares about helping you realize your goals. He is always on time and available to solve any unexpected problems. Right away, we realized we have a hit thanks to Danny and Emerald City Productions. We gained over 1,000 Facebook followers in the first month, and we could not have done it without him. If you want your voice to be heard, and you need to work with a professional who will produce outstanding work on time, then you should call Danny Ozment at Emerald City Productions. I highly recommend Danny’s team.”

Parker Layrisson

The Ponchatoula Podcast

“I am a psychologist, parent educator, and the founder of Authentic Parenting – a private practice that specializes in parent education. I also have a weekly podcast which is the main content I create on a regular basis. I have been podcasting for 3 years now. I hired Danny almost haphazardly to save a project I was having difficulties with and I got hooked 🙂 I think when it comes to outsourcing any part of your business there is always a question of trust, “Who can I trust?” especially in today’s market and the world of social media. Finding the right match is a great experience. Once I hit a moment of realization that I am overwhelmed, I faced a major deadline with a specific project and I knew what was needed for my project was beyond my amateur skill level, I hired a real professional. Danny is a very skilled and knowledgeable professional. He has a great turnaround, his communication is prompt, he makes it easy to work with him, he delivers a high-quality product and he is accommodating. Plus, genuinely he is a nice guy. In the first 3 months of working with Danny, I became very efficient with my show; now I am ahead of my schedule, I do not scramble during the week to edit and produce an episode, I have time to think ahead, to record interviews, write show notes and promote. In addition, I now have a good amount of time to focus on important aspects of my business. I am confident in sharing my episodes on social media as I know my podcast has a great quality to it. I can’t recommend Danny and Emerald City Productions enough. It will make a difference in your life. Give it a shot! ”


Authentic Moments

“I am the owner of The Intuitive Woman business and producer of The Intuitive Woman Podcast. I work with spiritually-minded women that want to connect deeper to their spirituality through intuition, yoga, meditation, and energy work. I was overwhelmed with the process of editing. I played around with it myself and knew my time was better spent in my genius. I wanted a quality show and knew I needed professional help. My initial reservation was cost, however, Danny is very fair in the market and worked with me and my needs. I now feel extremely grateful each time he completes an episode which sounds amazing and is high quality. Danny is thorough, gave me many options for my needs, and is always readily available if I need something timely. From the very first show, I got compliments on how well the sound was, the music, fade-ins. Etc. I always recommend Danny to as many podcasters as I can. His work is impeccable. ”

Tina Conroy

The Intuitive Woman


“I am the co-host of the Italian American Podcast, the first podcast dedicated to helping Italian Americans deepen their heritage. We needed a producer that could handle relatively short turnaround times. Danny provides a quick turnaround, but no without doing a thorough, high-quality job, and is also an excellent communicator. After a few weeks, Danny we implemented some recording and music recommendations from Danny and greatly enhanced the experience for our listeners. We absolutely recommend Danny/Company to organizations looking to create a high-quality podcast in a timely fashion.”

Anthony Fasano

The Italian American Podcast

“I am the Productivity Specialist and host of the Productivity Straight Talk podcast. I wanted to partner with an expert who could take care of all my audio editing needs. I had no reservations about hiring an outside producer because I know the benefits of partnering with a professional. Danny has been excellent at meeting deadlines and giving me the advice to sound better. Working with Danny has provided me stress-free production. I have and do recommend Danny to anyone who is editing their own podcast. He has been great to work with.”

Amber De La Garza

Productivity Straight Talk

Get heard
by a whole new audience!

“I am a multi-hyphenate working on several creative projects at a time – writing, publishing, and podcasting. I wanted to produce a better podcast with top-notch sound quality and professional direction. I had reservations because of a prior poor experience with a podcasting production company. After talking to Danny I knew he would pay attention to my needs and also counsel me on the best direction while ensuring the highest level of production for my shows. Danny is a wealth of knowledge who makes himself available to help you produce the best show possible. The sound quality is vastly superior since we have been using Danny. All the small details are now remedied, corrected, and optimized for maximum enjoyment. I would recommend Danny to anyone looking to upgrade their podcast or work with an industry expert who puts the quality of your output first.”

Jonathan Greene

Dad the Podcast & Assemblage

“I am the host of two podcasts: one about neuroscience and the other about coming out LGBT+ later in life needed to off-load audio editing after 10 years of doing it myself no reservations? The quality of Danny’s work has taken my shows to a new level. I recommend Danny to everyone.”

Ginger Campbell

Brain Science and Graying Rainbows: Coming Out LGBT+ Later in Life

“I am the CEO/Founder of Career Outcomes Matter and host behind An Interview With Melissa Llarena. My focus is empowering marketers and other creative professionals to rediscover what makes them unique so that they can land their dream role in a forward-thinking company where their ideas are listened to, valued, and supported. I wanted to improve my sound quality more than just pick a lower-cost alternative…I only hesitated because of the investment level…I had to make a decision as to whether I was personally committed to a higher quality podcast as my output took the initiative on all things sound. Danny took the initiative to re-create my intros/outros even without me asking him…and those looms helping me set-up my audio …. so good. Danny is a great ear to have for your audio needs if you care about your product as a reflection of your desire for excellence.”

Melissa Llarena

An Interview With Melissa Llarena

“I am an Executive Coach and Consultant and Host of the Podcast Leading the Factory Forward. I help Leaders Improve themselves and their organizations. I wanted to have a sharp focus on creating useful content for my Audience and not be distracted by trying to learn how to produce podcasts. I hesitated to pay someone else to produce my podcasts until I looked at the cost of my time that I was spending on trying to produce a so/so podcast experience for my audience. Danny and his team have been a joy to work with. They are very responsive and also very helpful as I continue to improve my show. I continually get compliments on how good my podcast sounds and how professional my show presents itself. They compare the quality of my show to some of the big names I have recommended Danny to others who want a professional podcast and will continue to do so.”

Lynn R Friesth

Leading the Factory Forward

“I am the owner of ASM mentors, a company that provides coaching, mentoring, and training. I wanted to start a podcast and learn the foundations of podcasting with an expert. Danny’s work has been exceptional. He communicates clearly and concisely. He always responded to my questions promptly. He is extremely knowledgeable and is well connected and respected in the field. Since working with Danny, I gained clarity in my ideal client. He helped me define the message I want to convey in my Podcast. He also helped me with the title for my Podcast. I highly recommend Danny to podcasts/groups/organizations that need to level up their Podcast or that are considering starting a Podcast. He is extremely knowledgeable and will walk you through the process. ”

Anitza San Miguel

Trust, Believe, and Take Action

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