Podcast Marketing & Promotion

You want your podcast to reach the target audience and perform better than other podcasts in your industry, niche, or area. You may know marketing but you are sure which podcast marketing strategies are going to work for your podcast. Podcast listeners are a desirable demographic and you want to reach them in the most effective way so you need an expert who understands podcast marketing tactics and strategies and knows what is working right now.

That’s where we come in. You want a podcast production company that has developed a clear system of podcast marketing and podcast promotional strategies that will lead to a successful podcast.

More About Podcast Marketing & Promotion

So you want to know what we do exactly? Take a moment to review the sections below.

First, you want someone who will take the time to research your stakeholder base and gather data that will inform the choices that are made early on while branding your podcast. After the research is done, we then make sure to test that data before making any decisions. Two of the top three ways new subscribers find your podcast is through search. Your podcast research includes SEO and marketing data so you are easily found in a Google search. Be confident you will pop up in when your ideal audience searches in podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

Once initial branding is complete, we use the research and data to help inform your content creation choices. Podcast SEO informs the podcast name, episode titles, and the topics you cover in your episodes. We then take your episode transcripts and use them to create show notes, email copy, social media posts, and a blog post that will help promote your podcast with each episode and increase podcast growth.

When you launch your podcast with Emerald City Productions, you get social media scheduling included. We’ll create social media posts related to your podcast for you. Get our expert help setting up your email list management tool too. Your email list is one of your most important tools as a podcaster. You can communicate directly with your most core loyal podcast listeners.

When you’re ready to launch, simply follow our proven 3-step launch strategy.

You will develop a warm audience right from the start.

More FAQs about Podcast Marketing and Promotion Strategies

Why is podcast marketing important?

Podcasts are referral marketing on a grand scale because most podcast listeners think of the podcast host as their friend and trust the recommendations the host makes. That’s why most businesses should have podcast marketing. And once you have a podcast, we help you grow your audience through proven strategy, regular communication, resources, checklists, and quarterly reviews.

How do I promote my podcast on the market?

The best way to promote your podcast is to borrow audiences. You should find ways to appear as a guest expert on other podcasts related to yours and then bring portions of those audiences back to your podcast episodes. We help your podcast promotion by showing you how to join other communities and meet other podcasters. You also get our proven press kit templates and podcast pitch templates. Plus, you will learn how you can use them effectively.

How do I make my podcast popular?

Popularity is a relative term. You can best attain popularity for your podcast by focusing your topic as narrow as possible so that the audience you find is the exact audience who is looking for your type of content. That audience then becomes brand ambassadors for your show and will do more to grow your audience than you could do by spending money on ads or time borrowing other audiences. While not directly podcast marketing or podcast promotion, you will find that these podcast marketing strategies are more effective than most.

How much does podcast marketing cost?

Podcast marketing will cost you time more than anything. While it is possible to pay for advertising and to hire podcast promotion agencies to get you booked on other podcasts, the most effective marketing will come from you developing the loyalty of your audience, borrowing other audiences by going on other podcasts and other media, and then showing up on as many podcast directories and marketing channels as possible such as live video, video, social media, and more. Podcast marketing takes time more than anything.

How do you market a podcast?

The most effective podcast marketing will result from you cultivating your audience’s loyalty, borrowing other audiences by appearing on other podcasts and media, and then appearing on as many podcast directories and marketing channels as possible, including live video, video, and social media, and more. This will help you reach more than just your current listeners and podcast audience. Take advantage of our streamlined process. You will save time by repurposing your podcast content ideas and podcast episodes into content for all of the other channels listed above.

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Where can I promote my podcast?

You can promote your podcast on your social media platforms, email list, and on other podcasts. You may also try advertising for your podcast on platforms like Facebook, Spotify, and many of the podcast aggregator apps. Definitely have a podcast website or a page on your own website to gain an SEO boost for your podcast episode as well.

Is a podcast a good marketing strategy?

Because most podcast listeners consider the podcast presenter to be a friend and believe the suggestions the host makes, podcasts are a massive kind of referral marketing. That is why almost every company should have a podcast. Your weekly podcast episode could be the most powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

Do podcasts work for marketing?

Podcasts develop a very loyal friendly audience that many businesses consider their core audience. 93% of podcast listeners listen to more than half or all of every podcast episode (source: Edison Research). Most good podcast marketing strategies center around the connection between the podcast listener and the host.

How many listeners do you need to make money on a podcast?

While you generally need 2000 – 5000 downloads per episode to begin to make money from traditional advertisers, many podcasters make money by sponsoring themselves, their services, or products or by having targeted relationships with other sponsors with much less than 1000 downloads per episode.

How do podcasts go viral?

Podcasts do not go viral. They are a long term strategy that requires consistency and develops a highly loyal audience.

How do I get more podcast listeners?

During each episode, ask your audience to share your podcast episodes with someone that they think would benefit from it.

How do I promote my podcast on Instagram?

Currently, the best strategy for promoting on Instagram is to create reels highlighting your podcast episodes or your podcast in general.

How can I promote my podcast on social media platforms?

It is effective to post at least 3 times per week. One “get to know you” post, one topical post related to your area of expertise, and one promotional post for your podcast episode. Try to send listeners to platforms like Apple podcasts or Spotify or your own podcast website when you promote.

What is best day to release a podcast?

The best day is the same day every week. Which one depends, but generally you will release your episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to avoid Monday holidays and weekends.

Does Spotify promote podcasts?

Yes, you can be featured by Spotify in their browsing section.

Can I advertise my podcast on Spotify?

Unlike Apple Podcasts, yes, you can also create ads for your podcast to run on Spotify music channels.

What type of marketing is a podcast?

Podcasts are content marketing. Similar to a blog, they can live on your podcast website, but also use an RSS feed for distribution allowing them to be consumed by different apps as well.

Why should brands do podcasts?

Podcasts create brand loyal audience members who trust a brand and promote them fiercely.